Creating Space for BIG Ideas to Grow #theCube – Prime Cut

I love it when an idea blossoms into a wild field of creative growth. #theCube began as a spark, a seed and a desire to create space for big ideas to grow. It was at SXSW that we had an opportunity to mix music, tech, big thinkers and daring ideas into a long form conversation that streams live around the nets. #theCube is the culmination of some pretty imaginative friends who were naive enough to go along for the ride. Now some 4.3 Million views later we can now see an emerging form of this concept called #theCube. I knew that heritage media wouldn’t serve up long form conversations with really smart nodes because they still trade in the commodity of air time and hard wires beaming towards an ever dimming light of a tv set top. We knew that the net would be the free for all wilderness we’d explore with all our might. Together with SiliconANGLE and Wikibon we set out to cover the biggest events in emerging technology and sit up close and intimate with fellow dreamers of light and just let the data flow.

Mega Thanks to NewTek and the ‘Wonder Box” Tricaster.

But enough of the rich text let’s let the images float through the line and give a glimpse inside our playground- #theCube.

The Blur of the Road, The Wonder of the Journey

Take time to see

Whoa… What a grand month of flying, meeting bold thinkers and live streaming. May found me in Denver, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles and for a few days, back in Dana Point. Earlier this year we debuted The Cube, live streaming studio at SXSW with NewTek‘s Tricaster. Since Austin we’ve assembled a fantastic team and hit the road hard. Together with Mark @Rizzn Hopkins. siliconANGLE‘s @Furrier and WikiBon‘s David Vellante (@dvellante), we visited EMC World in Boston.  Giant leaps forward require massive amounts of reliable infrastructure. We all talk about the flavor of the day social networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and Google but the real action takes place at the root. I’m learning to appreciate the passion of network pros who are concentrating on powering the cloud. With Boston as a backdrop, EMC World was a great experience.

Next up was SAPphire Now in Orlando. John and Dave were in their element, uncovering the nuggets of data packets from the gathered executives. I may have left behind dress slacks and my two best ties (yes, I actually wore ties while filming) at the hotel but I picked up a deeper understanding of the emerging on-demand app world we’re all about to live in. This part of our journey has us looking deep into the structure of the network, rapid deployment of large data sets and instant access to our information. I’m pretty much geeking out to the possibilities.

I rushed back to LA to participate in The @BizSoMe Workshop at UCLA. We had a full day of exploring what’s next for businesses in a connected world. It was a invigorating time catching up with @JustSignal @MorganB @Mona and new friends. During these experiences, I kept recalling @LouisGray’s words from SXSW – “Soon we won’t be talking about Social Media, it will just be media.” We CUBEcasted to over 200,000 viewers live and connected to a global audience who are engaged with the convergence of tech and the developing story of innovation. I love where we are, the open potential of connection and the tools to deliver it all on demand.

Next up: Filming at the OC Green Expo in Dana Point June 3-6. The Cube Tricasting from e3 June15 – 17 and HP’s Technology Forum in Las Vegas, June 21 -24.

At each event we are filming for the feature length documentary on convergence. I have no idea how the film will end – and that’s the exciting part.

Meta World of The Johnny Cash Project

About ten years ago, Cowboy Jack Clement and I were talking about his film archives. Cowboy Jack, producer of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis among others is quite the film buff. He would often carry his camera to some pretty strange places and capture wild historic moments. Jack shared about one memorable time with Johnny and a trip to a cemetery. Mr. Cash wanted to make sure Jack rolled film as he approached a headstone. The particular grave site they were visiting was that of the Carter Family’s patriarch A.P. Johnny turned to Jack and declared that he had never had a smoke with A.P. and promptly laid on his back on his grave to have a chat about life. Cigarette in hand, Johnny went on a journey of sorts with a man who had impacted his life in so many ways.

I pictured what that moment looked like but until today I had never seen it. Enter The Johnny Cash project: “A Living Portrait” to the Man in Black. The global art project allows you to draw on top of randomly selected frames for the video of ‘Ain’t No Grave.’ Users contribute their frames and are added to the timeline of the video. My randomly selected frame? #927 –

The Johhny Cash Project


smells freshAfter years of blogging via Nucleus, I’ve joined the WordPress Family of blogs. We’ve made the move to improve functionality and compatibility with iPhone and Android. I’ve been concentrating on our film work, producing several shows, live tech gatherings and connecting with smart nodes. With growth and additional commitments we can forget what brought us together in the first place – keeping this blog/site fresh with BIG ideas.

The original blog will remain intact as an archive of our journey over the past few years. We’ll also leave a copy of the previous version of the site up and running for reference. In the coming days I hope to give you summaries of our visit to SXSW, previews of the upcoming CUBE live events and updates on our current shows.

Because of your support and friendship, this is shaping up to be our biggest year yet. I’m enjoying the twists and turns of the trail and trying to leave enough room for the grand serendipity of life. We are but documentarians reflecting what moves us. I am moved by the wonder of kindness, the miracle of friendship and the opportunity to explore the grand unknown.

Thank you for being.

Michael Sean Wright

My Birthday Wish Granted – A Trip to The Palomar Observatory

We’re headed to the Palomar Observatory today. The story of the vision and struggle of George Ellery Hale to bring forth this wonder of discovery resonates deeply with me. George Hale dreamed of looking beyond what anyone else could have imagined. He was nearly driven mad by the quest to make this a reality.

From Hale’s giant window into the Universe at Mt. Wilson, Edwin Huble discovered a moving Universe. He peered into The Hooker Telescope at Mount Wilson and found there were multiple Universes at a time that it was believed that our Milky Way was the only one.

The dedication to science and his unending quest for knowledge nearly drove Hale to the brink. He persisted, and his gift to humanity is nearly incalculably rich. Hale wrote a letter to The Rockefeller Foundation in 1928 seeking funds to build the Palomar;

“No method of advancing science is so productive as the development of new and more powerful instruments and methods of research. A larger telescope would not only furnish the necessary gain in light space-penetration and photographic resolving power, but permit the application of ideas and devices derived chiefly from the recent fundamental advances in physics and chemistry.”

I will bring back some film from our outing today but you can dive deeper by watching this excellent PBS Special – “The Journey to Palomar”