“Film is one of the three universal languages,
the other two: mathematics and music”

Frank Capra








Our concentration is work that is documentary in nature. Whether as a full-length feature or television, we desire to explore the form and bring our unique aesthetic to the work.

Our films are filtered by experience and marked by what we have seen and reflected by what we want to see.

Currently in production of the live weekly streaming variety show:
Peter Himmelman's Furious World. An hour of honest music and BIG ideas.
We are exploring what unlimited space can hold.

"I love watching creation. This is music unlike I've ever experienced before and I love it." Robert Scoble

Recent works include: TRANSFORMATIONS- A History of Native American Indians of Californina.

A ten minute preview of the film screened during opening ceremonies for the National Congress of American Indians convention. Our underwriters made it possible for us to share the deep and compelling story of California's First People.

Transformations documents the rich past, transformative present and hopeful future of California Indians. From the lush Northwest coastal forests to the sunburned hills of San Diego County. A hopeful tale of survival unfolds amid the spectacular natural back drop of the Golden State. Told in the voices of Tribal Members.

"This film succinctly imparts a message of frustration, hope and determination that give reason for a community to survive and to thrive through its own resourcefulness.

Passionate, enlightening and thought provoking: An historical perspective serves to lay the foundation that points to the dream of a shared and comfortable future."