Update: Inside the Movement with @Invisible Children – Using #BigData to Change the World

It’s rare that we see such a magnificent vision to change our world result in peace, life and joy– right before our eyes.

The complete dedication to bringing an end to decades long violence against children in Uganda has resulted in the GREAT news that Invisible Children have reached their ultimate goal: LIFE for the once Invisible Children. My heart is filled with love for the leaders, volunteers and supporters of this noble cause. Well done all. Rest, you’ve earned it. Thank you for letting me witness your actions of LOVE up-close.

Here is “The Final Video” from Invisible Children.

Invisible Children’s Final Video from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.


To understand how they leveraged the right tools with the right intent, take a journey back in time to our conversation on Oct. 21, 2011 with one of the visionaries from Invisible Children-

One of our favorite ‘Social Good’ Non-profits/ NGO’s, Invisible Children is leveraging Big Data to inspire a movement that demands an end to the longest running conflict in Central Africa. What began with the 2003 documentary film Invisible Children: Rough Cut’ evolved into an action network that informs and influences change.

Their use of real-time data powers impressive tools like the Crisis Tracker and political, ‘call-to-action’ campaigns.

They could have stopped at making a compelling documentary film but they new that “Film without Data is Silent.”*  By adding data and action to their work, Invisible Children, INC are proving that film must be active.

We Skype’d with Chris Carver, COO of Invisible Children, INC to go Inside the Movement:

* “Film without data is silent” is our thesis for an upcoming paper and project.

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