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Inventor of the Boogie Board Tom Morey Gives Away Latest Innovation

Inventor of the Boogie Board Tom Morey Gives Away Latest Innovation

Earlier this morning we received an email from one of our favorite thinkers Tom Morey. In the message Tom explains that he has been working on something that could be the next evolution in stabilization for surfboards and even perhaps aviation. Not only did Tom invent the Boogie Board but is also responsible for removable ‘skegs’ that are on most surfboards today. With a background in engineering and aeronautics, Tom has a firm grasp on cutting through air to help us soar to new heights. Hello My Innovative Friends Tom Morey’s message started off with a genuine sense of excitement for his ‘new invention which literally revolutionizes surfing.‘ He goes on to explain how his latest creation he calls the Rollo is a tough, lightweight nicely foiled rubberized foam wheel that will replace a good number of surfboard skegs. Tom is particularly keen on the idea for Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) and could even be adapted for kiteboards, sailboards and wakeboards. These are huge market opportunities for any inventor which could result in wheel-barrels full of green for the crafty creator. He’s gone beyond idea and moved to prototyping and testing the Rollo with significant results. Happy and confident that the rolling skeg is ready for market- Tom unleashes his idea – to his friends, in an email with the purpose of setting the innovation OPEN. Tom will be sending announcements to all the Surfing magazines and press outlets for the purpose of making the Rollo ‘part of the public domain eliminating anyones ability to patent it.’ He continues, ‘Down with patenting. It’s an impediment to progress for far too long’ This it what real innovation looks like. This... read more


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Albert Maysles – A Supernova of Documentary Films

Together with his Brother David, Albert Maysles helped us see the power of documentary as Art for the first time. For the Maysles Brothers, documentary was the only way to successfully express the experience of their subjects. They set out to show us the beauty of life shot frame-by-frame. Albert trained his skills while working with Giants like Godard. Albert’s approach was to show our world what he saw, he tore down the wall between pre-structured “scene” and life by pulling back the curtain of the moment and documenting what heard. What we know of The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit, is the result of team Maysles forming a moving document of the group’s happening. Before Albert and David, there were only stiff and forced subject matter(s) trying to escape the conventions of the film medium. Their 1968 FILM Salesmen was the birth- a coming to light- of Non-Fiction Feature. Albert states, “(Before Salesmen)… there was nothing to compete with the Hollywood feature film. Documentaries were maybe of feature length, but not Features.” Their use of found materials informs us of the Universe that is the life of these four Boston Door-to-Door Bible Salesmen. It took a new form of media to fully realize what moving images can do- fix time, place and experience through the medium of cinematic expression- Salesmen is the Creation of Documentary as Film. Through their fine five part series, VBS.tv invites us to discover the real and reel world of Albert Maysles. In Part 3 of their document, VBS Meets Albert Maysles we journey back to “The birth of the nonfiction feature.” Thank you... read more

Objects In My Mind Are Larger Than They Appear

Part of the “job” of a Film Director is to construct our imagined reality into a reasonable experience. What we are charged with is the task of convincing you that what was once only in our minds could actually be. It is why we are driven mad when the saltshaker on the table doesn’t live up to what we saw in our head. Yes, even a seemingly common utensil has meaning in the story. Why did the couple choose that shape, that color? Was there an argument over this choice? Was the male agreeable to the purchase only to expedite an end to the shopping experience? Perhaps other dispensers reminded him too much of the shakers his Mother had, memories he would rather not recall in his “new” life. To us, there is symbolism and meaning in every frame, every object in the shot, every angle is selected to convey the indescribable- the complete experience. I was informed from the Documentary Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes that Kubrick sorted through thousands of photographs of entryways before deciding that the door “in his mind” for Eyes Wide Shut would have to be constructed at Pinewood Studios. It’s an example of complete dedication to a vision, an uncompromising interpretation of imagination. A Director must clearly see things that are not yet there. I see ubiquitous communication channels. I dream of tools that allow me to communicate really big concepts to small groups of people, tools that allow me to listen to great amounts of knowledge whenever I choose. I am closely watching developments in social media because interesting conversation nodes are becoming fully... read more