XPRIZE Think Tank Orange County, CA LAUNCH!

XPRIZE Think Tank Orange County, CA Launch event.

Amazing LAUNCH of the XPRIZE THINK TANK Orange County on 01-08-15 at the Aventura Sailing Association courtesy of Breakwater Events and Catering. These are our #smartnodes for the #XPRIZE #OC From left to right: Marc Ostrick, Russ Roberson, Murray Kruger, Michael Sean Wright, Darin McClure, Tom Morey, Roger Kuntz, Scott Schoeffel, Herb Reyes.

Thank you for all the support as we: Make the impossible Possible

For more information on this ground breaking initiative, please visit: XPRIZE LEARNING INITIATIVE


Now That’s Funny!

You know what you never hear? ‘I hate Dolphins’ or ‘I don’t like to laugh.’ If you’re one Dolphin hating, humorless person- move right along. However if you crack up easily, we have something fun to share with you.

The HaHa Jim Comedy Hour‘ is a collaboration between comedian, actor, wiseguy Jim Labriola

Jim Labriola

Jim Labriola

and Michael Sean Wright. Jim is best known as Benny from ‘Home Improvement.’ Now here’s the really funny thing about this project– I really like to laugh and Jim is one of those comedians that just slays me every time.

We record the shows with some of Jim’s friends like Pat Cooper, Richard Lewis, Colin Quinn and the list goes on. We cover the history of comedy and the future trends of the funny business. Jim cut his teeth on the East Coast and I grew up in Chicago so we’ve got a little tension already built-in. It’s a complete blast doing this show with him and it’s our hope you’ll tune-in and laugh at us! Please visit HaHaJim for our weekly show!

A Brave New Year- Robert Scoble Shares His 5 Big Things and the Apple Contextual Hole

Big Data is Watching

2012 was the year of major advancements in film and media on many levels. Lucas went Disney, Google became beautiful and big data continued to be the big buzz. Mobile and location will continue to grow in amazing ways as the ‘second-screen’ becomes a bigger part in our media experiences.

One of our favorite geeks/ trendsetters and futurists, Robert Scoble joins us for a conversation about the Brave New Year ahead. Scoble is co-authoring a new book“Age of Context” with Shel Israel.

From The Scobleizer: What’s the age of context? Five radically expanding technologies/data types.

1. Sensors.
2. Wearable computing.
3. Big Databases.
4. Social network behavior.
5. Location.

Listen in for our exclusive conversation and pay attention to Scoble’s proclamation that “Apple is in a contextual hole.”



Sound Burst: Exploring Music- HD Video

“Music Makes Film in my Mind.” msw

Today we are listening to more music- sharing it wider and discovering better ways to connect with our favorite artists. Music is at the heart of everything we do.

Peter and Philip

It’s always exciting to see friends who are taking bold steps and finding their own voice. Philip Nelson, SVP of NewTek empowers the vision of artists and media companies on a daily basis but it was a journey inside Peter Himmelman‘s ‘Furious World.’ that gave him the encouragement he needed to cut his own music.

Philip launched a kickstarter campaign and quickly found a community of friends willing to help. Now he’s on his way of completing a life long dream and using technologies to help find an audience.

Sound Burst is a video diary of music from the artist’s perspective. Enjoy a sample of ‘Listen to the Silence’ from Philip’s debut outing:

Listen to more tracks at ReverbNation.