Update: Inside the Movement with @Invisible Children – Using #BigData to Change the World

It’s rare that we see such a magnificent vision to change our world result in peace, life and joy– right before our eyes.

The complete dedication to bringing an end to decades long violence against children in Uganda has resulted in the GREAT news that Invisible Children have reached their ultimate goal: LIFE for the once Invisible Children. My heart is filled with love for the leaders, volunteers and supporters of this noble cause. Well done all. Rest, you’ve earned it. Thank you for letting me witness your actions of LOVE up-close.

Here is “The Final Video” from Invisible Children.

Invisible Children’s Final Video from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.


To understand how they leveraged the right tools with the right intent, take a journey back in time to our conversation on Oct. 21, 2011 with one of the visionaries from Invisible Children-

One of our favorite ‘Social Good’ Non-profits/ NGO’s, Invisible Children is leveraging Big Data to inspire a movement that demands an end to the longest running conflict in Central Africa. What began with the 2003 documentary film Invisible Children: Rough Cut’ evolved into an action network that informs and influences change.

Their use of real-time data powers impressive tools like the Crisis Tracker and political, ‘call-to-action’ campaigns.

They could have stopped at making a compelling documentary film but they new that “Film without Data is Silent.”*  By adding data and action to their work, Invisible Children, INC are proving that film must be active.

We Skype’d with Chris Carver, COO of Invisible Children, INC to go Inside the Movement:

* “Film without data is silent” is our thesis for an upcoming paper and project.

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nicefishfilms and Tim Conway Jr. Talk Steve Jobs


Tim Conway Jr.

Went on with KFI evening host Tim Conway Jr. to discuss the life and impact of Apple Co-Founder/ Tech Icon Steve Jobs. His tight fisted approach changed our world.

See also: The Tao of Steve by Om Malik

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Ban the Bag Dana Point- UPDATE

[UPDATE 10.27.11]


Dolphins, Whales, Marine Life and Humans unite in congratulating the City Council on the decision to act promptly to ‘Ban the Bag’ – single use plastic bags will soon no longer be welcomed in Our Ocean in Dana Point. On September 26, 2011 The City Council voted 4 to 1 to move the proposal forward.

Next step is a report expected on or near December 1st. Our City leaders acted as true leaders and stewards. We want to thank Council Members Lara Anderson, Lisa A. Barlett, Steven H. Weinberg and our very Honorable Mayor, Scott Schoeffel for their wisdom and dedication to our beloved Dana Point. The interest and support that Dana Point received from around the World was deeply felt and greatly appreciated. Together, we showed our support and desire to ‘Rise Above the Plastic.’ Thank you and please consider visiting us in Dana Point soon. Our City is focused on ensuring that our Harbor, shore and village space remains a true wonder of beauty.

We have shared your voice with our City and I want to express my deepest gratitude to all who joined us in supporting The City of Dana Point and our Council.

I also want to thank Randy Paynter, CEO of care2.com for powering our petition.

Here’s the video of my public comment before the City Council and their subsequent discourse and vote.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

As a small token of my appreciation here is an unrestricted photograph of OUR beautiful Dana Point Harbor.*

*Michael Sean Wright, As creator of the photographic works: DanaPoint_112510#5543698212175038146 and DanaPoint_112510#5544840267350994914 hereby grants full release rights to said creative works with no restrictions.

msw= happy


We interrupt our regular in-action to ask you to help us urge our City Leaders of Dana Point, CA to take action on the upcoming proposal to ‘Ban Single Use Plastic Bags.’ I’m not one that usually asks you to do anything in the moment but we have an opportunity to make our united voices heard- right now. The City of Dana Point, CA will be considering a measure that will ensure our Coastal area remains a beacon of health and beauty by eliminating the scourge that is the non-sustainable, single use plastic bag.

My friends and I have walked along the cliffs and shores of Dana Point after storms and picked up the plastics that were destined to reach our spectacular Ocean. It’s up to us as individuals to make sure that we do our part by stopping plastic bags from being distributed out of negligence/ ignorance.

So for the first time, I’m personally asking you to help us by signing the below petition that we will present to our City Council on Monday night. It is my hope that Dana Point will remain the wondrous destination of serenity we’ve come to love and cherish.

We know that the businesses of Dana Point will benefit by being stewards of our precious home. We strive to be leaders in the movement to put an end to our stupidity of the self-injuring practice in using non-sustainable, Ocean choking single use plastic bags.

View the closed petition – ‘Ban the Bag.’


Together, we will ‘Rise Above the Plastic.’

You can follow along as I Tweet, Facebook, Google+’ing and SocialCam from our journey to #BantheBag

Special thanks to SaveOurBeach, ZeroTrashLeo Laporte and Surfrider Foundation for their support!

For a look at the impact of plastic after it rains in Dana Point, please see our Picasa Web Album (any and all pictures are OPEN Source and free to use)

Creating Space for BIG Ideas to Grow #theCube – Prime Cut

I love it when an idea blossoms into a wild field of creative growth. #theCube began as a spark, a seed and a desire to create space for big ideas to grow. It was at SXSW that we had an opportunity to mix music, tech, big thinkers and daring ideas into a long form conversation that streams live around the nets. #theCube is the culmination of some pretty imaginative friends who were naive enough to go along for the ride. Now some 4.3 Million views later we can now see an emerging form of this concept called #theCube. I knew that heritage media wouldn’t serve up long form conversations with really smart nodes because they still trade in the commodity of air time and hard wires beaming towards an ever dimming light of a tv set top. We knew that the net would be the free for all wilderness we’d explore with all our might. Together with SiliconANGLE and Wikibon we set out to cover the biggest events in emerging technology and sit up close and intimate with fellow dreamers of light and just let the data flow.

Mega Thanks to NewTek and the ‘Wonder Box” Tricaster.

But enough of the rich text let’s let the images float through the line and give a glimpse inside our playground- #theCube.


smells freshAfter years of blogging via Nucleus, I’ve joined the WordPress Family of blogs. We’ve made the move to improve functionality and compatibility with iPhone and Android. I’ve been concentrating on our film work, producing several shows, live tech gatherings and connecting with smart nodes. With growth and additional commitments we can forget what brought us together in the first place – keeping this blog/site fresh with BIG ideas.

The original blog will remain intact as an archive of our journey over the past few years. We’ll also leave a copy of the previous version of the site up and running for reference. In the coming days I hope to give you summaries of our visit to SXSW, previews of the upcoming CUBE live events and updates on our current shows.

Because of your support and friendship, this is shaping up to be our biggest year yet. I’m enjoying the twists and turns of the trail and trying to leave enough room for the grand serendipity of life. We are but documentarians reflecting what moves us. I am moved by the wonder of kindness, the miracle of friendship and the opportunity to explore the grand unknown.

Thank you for being.

Michael Sean Wright