Riding the Big Data Wave

As you know, I’ve been diving deep into the the subject of internet infrastructure over the past few years. As a documentary filmmaker, I am finalizing a large-scale project chronicling these important days, visiting with the great minds generating real innovation in this industry, and capturing the birth of pivotal ideas that will shape our future.

The current explosion of data flowing into the net is straining the capacity of the current infrastructure to handle it, and that flow will only increase daily over the next several years. As consumers, we crave smarter electronic devices and expect the ability to share more details of our world anywhere at anytime. The crush of all that information will get harder to handle if innovation isn’t applied at all levels, from mobile devices to social networks to ubiquitous connectivity to reliable data storage to secure encryption to predictive data modeling.

“Riding (Big) Data” is a film and tv series I’m excited to share documenting how our society is rethinking what all this swirling data can do for us.

Mini-Doc Dana Point Boat Show Goes Green

There’s nothing like home and Dana Point has been my home port for awhile now. Nestled safely behind the Orange Curtain, half-way between San Diego and LA rests our sleepy little harbor where the whales use the cliff as a navigation point. We care deeply about water health and try not to leave too deep of a footprint.

It seems only natural that the Dana Point Boat Show would add a touch of Green to the festivities. The Green Expo at the Harbor was a chance to visit with some entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainability.  Here’s a little glimpse of what we saw.

Inventor of the Boogie Board Tom Morey Gives Away Latest Innovation

Tom Morey - Inventor - Innovator

Earlier this morning we received an email from one of our favorite thinkers Tom Morey. In the message Tom explains that he has been working on something that could be the next evolution in stabilization for surfboards and even perhaps aviation. Not only did Tom invent the Boogie Board but is also responsible for removable ‘skegs’ that are on most surfboards today. With a background in engineering and aeronautics, Tom has a firm grasp on cutting through air to help us soar to new heights.

Hello My Innovative Friends

Tom Morey’s message started off with a genuine sense of excitement for his ‘new invention which literally revolutionizes surfing.‘ He goes on to explain how his latest creation he calls the Rollo is a tough, lightweight nicely foiled rubberized foam wheel that will replace a good number of surfboard skegs. Tom is particularly keen on the idea for Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) and could even be adapted for kiteboards, sailboards and wakeboards. These are huge market opportunities for any inventor which could result in wheel-barrels full of green for the crafty creator. He’s gone beyond idea and moved to prototyping and testing the Rollo with significant results. Happy and confident that the rolling skeg is ready for market- Tom unleashes his idea – to his friends, in an email with the purpose of setting the innovation OPEN.

Introducing the Rollo

Tom will be sending announcements to all the Surfing magazines and press outlets for the purpose of making the Rollo ‘part of the public domain eliminating anyones ability to patent it.’ He continues, ‘Down with patenting. It’s an impediment to progress for far too long’

This it what real innovation looks like. This is the definition of OPEN! Bravo Tom for once again, moving the world.

The Blur of the Road, The Wonder of the Journey

Take time to see

Whoa… What a grand month of flying, meeting bold thinkers and live streaming. May found me in Denver, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles and for a few days, back in Dana Point. Earlier this year we debuted The Cube, live streaming studio at SXSW with NewTek‘s Tricaster. Since Austin we’ve assembled a fantastic team and hit the road hard. Together with Mark @Rizzn Hopkins. siliconANGLE‘s @Furrier and WikiBon‘s David Vellante (@dvellante), we visited EMC World in Boston.  Giant leaps forward require massive amounts of reliable infrastructure. We all talk about the flavor of the day social networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and Google but the real action takes place at the root. I’m learning to appreciate the passion of network pros who are concentrating on powering the cloud. With Boston as a backdrop, EMC World was a great experience.

Next up was SAPphire Now in Orlando. John and Dave were in their element, uncovering the nuggets of data packets from the gathered executives. I may have left behind dress slacks and my two best ties (yes, I actually wore ties while filming) at the hotel but I picked up a deeper understanding of the emerging on-demand app world we’re all about to live in. This part of our journey has us looking deep into the structure of the network, rapid deployment of large data sets and instant access to our information. I’m pretty much geeking out to the possibilities.

I rushed back to LA to participate in The @BizSoMe Workshop at UCLA. We had a full day of exploring what’s next for businesses in a connected world. It was a invigorating time catching up with @JustSignal @MorganB @Mona and new friends. During these experiences, I kept recalling @LouisGray’s words from SXSW – “Soon we won’t be talking about Social Media, it will just be media.” We CUBEcasted to over 200,000 viewers live and connected to a global audience who are engaged with the convergence of tech and the developing story of innovation. I love where we are, the open potential of connection and the tools to deliver it all on demand.

Next up: Filming at the OC Green Expo in Dana Point June 3-6. The Cube Tricasting from e3 June15 – 17 and HP’s Technology Forum in Las Vegas, June 21 -24.

At each event we are filming for the feature length documentary on convergence. I have no idea how the film will end – and that’s the exciting part.

Chirp This

Well @Chirp, the Twitter conference for developers wrapped up day one with a lot of tension still in the air. Let’s get a few things out of the way:

  • When Twitter announced the recent acquisition of @Tweetie, 10 thousand developers gasped.
  • Twitter is Twitter because 10 thousand developers ‘filled in the holes‘ and made Twitter functional.
  • When @Ev asked the assembled group of coders who here were still excited about developing for Twitter, only 50% raised their hands.
  • Twitter will continue to grow, but a lot of energy is leaving the ecosystem.

Some bright news from Chirp today:

  • The developer platform is now live
  • @Scobleizer talked with super investor Ron Conway about the opportunity in the current Twitter world and annotations –

I think that we’ll see Twitter move from being the channel developers program for to being a channel they also write for. Losing the energy of the developers who built Twitter to the mega-megaphone it is today, leaves a wide open door for decentralized networks like status.net. Make no mistake, Twitter will continue to grow for years to come but the rose is off bloom for developers. @Ev stated that 75% of Twitter activity comes from outside apps. These are the same apps developed by people who didn’t feel energized enough to show up today.

Twitter is still the richest stream of data, social graphing and dense signal, but we may see a slow down of outside innovation from developers. With each new hire, Twitter is filling up with very smart people. They are sitting on a lot of venture capital and obviously have the lead in microblogging so don’t count them out anytime soon.

The really good new is that very smart entrepreneurs will be working hard to re-innovate what can be done within the micro-blogging space. @Loic and @Seesmic are already showing us that their forthcoming desktop app is much more than just a Twitter client. Look for fully functional, portable social media dashboards to put the spotlight on a wider field.

As you can see, we’ve installed the @Anywhere code here so the @ person features a hover-card – feel free to follow me as well – @nicefishfilms.