Sound Burst: Exploring Music- HD Video

“Music Makes Film in my Mind.” msw

Today we are listening to more music- sharing it wider and discovering better ways to connect with our favorite artists. Music is at the heart of everything we do.

Peter and Philip

It’s always exciting to see friends who are taking bold steps and finding their own voice. Philip Nelson, SVP of NewTek empowers the vision of artists and media companies on a daily basis but it was a journey inside Peter Himmelman‘s ‘Furious World.’ that gave him the encouragement he needed to cut his own music.

Philip launched a kickstarter campaign and quickly found a community of friends willing to help. Now he’s on his way of completing a life long dream and using technologies to help find an audience.

Sound Burst is a video diary of music from the artist’s perspective. Enjoy a sample of ‘Listen to the Silence’ from Philip’s debut outing:

Listen to more tracks at ReverbNation.

Creating Space for BIG Ideas to Grow #theCube – Prime Cut

I love it when an idea blossoms into a wild field of creative growth. #theCube began as a spark, a seed and a desire to create space for big ideas to grow. It was at SXSW that we had an opportunity to mix music, tech, big thinkers and daring ideas into a long form conversation that streams live around the nets. #theCube is the culmination of some pretty imaginative friends who were naive enough to go along for the ride. Now some 4.3 Million views later we can now see an emerging form of this concept called #theCube. I knew that heritage media wouldn’t serve up long form conversations with really smart nodes because they still trade in the commodity of air time and hard wires beaming towards an ever dimming light of a tv set top. We knew that the net would be the free for all wilderness we’d explore with all our might. Together with SiliconANGLE and Wikibon we set out to cover the biggest events in emerging technology and sit up close and intimate with fellow dreamers of light and just let the data flow.

Mega Thanks to NewTek and the ‘Wonder Box” Tricaster.

But enough of the rich text let’s let the images float through the line and give a glimpse inside our playground- #theCube.

Riding the Big Data Wave

As you know, I’ve been diving deep into the the subject of internet infrastructure over the past few years. As a documentary filmmaker, I am finalizing a large-scale project chronicling these important days, visiting with the great minds generating real innovation in this industry, and capturing the birth of pivotal ideas that will shape our future.

The current explosion of data flowing into the net is straining the capacity of the current infrastructure to handle it, and that flow will only increase daily over the next several years. As consumers, we crave smarter electronic devices and expect the ability to share more details of our world anywhere at anytime. The crush of all that information will get harder to handle if innovation isn’t applied at all levels, from mobile devices to social networks to ubiquitous connectivity to reliable data storage to secure encryption to predictive data modeling.

“Riding (Big) Data” is a film and tv series I’m excited to share documenting how our society is rethinking what all this swirling data can do for us.

Mini-Doc Dana Point Boat Show Goes Green

There’s nothing like home and Dana Point has been my home port for awhile now. Nestled safely behind the Orange Curtain, half-way between San Diego and LA rests our sleepy little harbor where the whales use the cliff as a navigation point. We care deeply about water health and try not to leave too deep of a footprint.

It seems only natural that the Dana Point Boat Show would add a touch of Green to the festivities. The Green Expo at the Harbor was a chance to visit with some entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainability.  Here’s a little glimpse of what we saw.

CES with Robert Scoble

CES was a cacophony of sights and sounds but Marc Ostrick, Robert Scoble and I made it out of Vegas filled with great options for Scoble’s studio. We hunted for the tech that we could implement almost immediately. We met with engineers and technicians from some of the biggest consumer electronic manufactures in an attempt to select a mix of gear that provides the best options for a streaming studio.