Mini Doc – Not Another Twitter Conference

We continue our journey through the tools of connection. For me, IT provides the rails for voice to be carried around the world- instantly. I jumped into Twitter early and introduced the service to a wide array of friends. We see the mainstream media jump all over Twitter like it’s new. This was called BBS and then SMS but this time the package is slick enough for the general marketplace to understand. I embrace what we can do together using the latest shiny object to send out signals. It’s important not to let the tool become the focus. The reason we’re seeking connection remains constant – we NEED each other in order to be human. The code of the rails carrying our voices will change – may our melody of conversation continue to be the goal.

We visted the #140 Conference in LA to converse with a great collection of molecules.

Mini Doc – The New Dial Tone – BlogWorld

I enjoy watching things change. Visiting the BlogWorld Expo was another exciting adventure. We are seeing the great democratization of info flow. We are banding together to find the tools that help us express.

Thank you for watching and sharing our mini documentary.

Scoble Gets a Science Lesson – Hollywood Style VIDEO

Upon hearing that Building 43‘s Robert Scoble was visiting the Southland, we immediately thought of arranging a sit-down at the National Academy’s Science and Entertainment Exchange. The Exchange is the ultimate Rolodex for Directors and Producers seeking to connect with top scientists. The organization strives to bring science into the everyday conversation through the mediums of film and television.

Camera and Editing: Rocky Barbanica