Chirp This

Chirp This

Well @Chirp, the Twitter conference for developers wrapped up day one with a lot of tension still in the air. Let’s get a few things out of the way:

  • When Twitter announced the recent acquisition of @Tweetie, 10 thousand developers gasped.
  • Twitter is Twitter because 10 thousand developers ‘filled in the holes‘ and made Twitter functional.
  • When @Ev asked the assembled group of coders who here were still excited about developing for Twitter, only 50% raised their hands.
  • Twitter will continue to grow, but a lot of energy is leaving the ecosystem.

Some bright news from Chirp today:

  • The developer platform is now live
  • @Scobleizer talked with super investor Ron Conway about the opportunity in the current Twitter world and annotations –

I think that we’ll see Twitter move from being the channel developers program for to being a channel they also write for. Losing the energy of the developers who built Twitter to the mega-megaphone it is today, leaves a wide open door for decentralized networks like Make no mistake, Twitter will continue to grow for years to come but the rose is off bloom for developers. @Ev stated that 75% of Twitter activity comes from outside apps. These are the same apps developed by people who didn’t feel energized enough to show up today.

Twitter is still the richest stream of data, social graphing and dense signal, but we may see a slow down of outside innovation from developers. With each new hire, Twitter is filling up with very smart people. They are sitting on a lot of venture capital and obviously have the lead in microblogging so don’t count them out anytime soon.

The really good new is that very smart entrepreneurs will be working hard to re-innovate what can be done within the micro-blogging space. @Loic and @Seesmic are already showing us that their forthcoming desktop app is much more than just a Twitter client. Look for fully functional, portable social media dashboards to put the spotlight on a wider field.

As you can see, we’ve installed the @Anywhere code here so the @ person features a hover-card – feel free to follow me as well – @nicefishfilms.

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