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Ban the Bag Dana Point- UPDATE

Ban the Bag Dana Point- UPDATE

[UPDATE 10.27.11] w00t! Dolphins, Whales, Marine Life and Humans unite in congratulating the City Council on the decision to act promptly to ‘Ban the Bag’ – single use plastic bags will soon no longer be welcomed in Our Ocean in Dana Point. On September 26, 2011 The City Council voted 4 to 1 to move the proposal forward. Next step is a report expected on or near December 1st. Our City leaders acted as true leaders and stewards. We want to thank Council Members Lara Anderson, Lisa A. Barlett, Steven H. Weinberg and our very Honorable Mayor, Scott Schoeffel for their wisdom and dedication to our beloved Dana Point. The interest and support that Dana Point received from around the World was deeply felt and greatly appreciated. Together, we showed our support and desire to ‘Rise Above the Plastic.’ Thank you and please consider visiting us in Dana Point soon. Our City is focused on ensuring that our Harbor, shore and village space remains a true wonder of beauty. We have shared your voice with our City and I want to express my deepest gratitude to all who joined us in supporting The City of Dana Point and our Council. I also want to thank Randy Paynter, CEO of care2.com for powering our petition. Here’s the video of my public comment before the City Council and their subsequent discourse and vote. I’ll keep you updated on the progress! As a small token of my appreciation here is an unrestricted photograph of OUR beautiful Dana Point Harbor.* *Michael Sean Wright, As creator of the photographic works: DanaPoint_112510#5543698212175038146 and DanaPoint_112510#5544840267350994914 hereby grants full... read more


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